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Today's Hours
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Hoschede-Monet, Blanche
Collection: European Collection
Specialty: Paintings
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Trained by Claude Monet, Blanche Hoschede-Monet was said to follow his
techniques so faithfully that scholars sometimes have difficulty telling
her work from his. What is evident in a painting like Giverny, le seule
et la rosarie
is Hoschede-Monet's staunch conformity to Impressionist
techniques including high key colors and broken brushwork utilizing heavy
impasto. The painting thereby communicates the sensation of nature through
its texture as well as its loosely organized but brightly colored forms.
Blanche's mother Alice married Claude Monet after her father Ernest
Hoschede's death. The young girl painted alongside her stepfather as she
grew up, often carrying his easel and canvases in a wheelbarrow to his
chosen spot, then setting up her own easel alongside him. Blanche later
married Monet's son Jean, becoming his daughter-in-law as well as his
stepdaughter. After Jean's death in 1914, she moved back to Giverny with
Claude Monet, where she remained the rest of her life. She adopted an
almost pure form of impressionism, following her stepfather's dictum:

What I do here will at least have the merit of not resembling anybody,
because it is simply the expression of what I experienced myself.