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Today's Hours
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Hurd, Jacob
Collection: American Collection
Specialty: Silver
Born in Charlestown, Massachusetts, Jacob Hurd moved to Boston and became
a silversmith about 1723. Two years later he married Elizabeth Mason; and
the couple subsequently had fourteen children, of whom four daughters were
named for their mother. One daughter, Elizabeth, later married Daniel
Henchman, a well-known Colonial silversmith, who was apprenticed to Jacob

Hurd was elected constable in 1731, but refused to serve. He was a first
sergeant of the Artillery Company at Boston in 1745 and later became a
captain of the Boston Regiment.

Hurd's sons, Nathaniel and Benjamin, followed his trade and became
excellent craftsman in their own right, particularly in the case of
Nathaniel, who acquired even more fame for his copperplate engravings.
Jacob retired in Roxbury, Connecticut, about 1755, where he died three
years later.