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Today's Hours
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Henchman, Daniel
Collection: American Collection
Specialty: Silver
The son of Rev. Nathaniel Henchman, Daniel was born in Lynn,
Massachusetts, in 1730, and was apprenticed to Jacob Hurd. Henchman
married Jacob Hurd's daughter, Elizabeth, in 1753. There is little
information available on their children except that a daughter, Lydia, was
married to a Boston merchant named Thomas Hancock.

A good example of t he competition existing at the time between the
Colonial silversmiths and their English counterparts is revealed in an
advertisement which Henchman inserted in the Boston Evening Post of
January 4, 1773, and again in the New England Chronicle for June 12^th of
the same year:

"Daniel Henchman Takes this Method to inform his customers

in Town and Country That ... he makes with his own Hands all

Kinds of large and small Plate Work, in the genteelest Taste and

Newest Fashion, and of the purest Silver; and ... he flatters

himself that he shall have the Preference by those who are best

Judges of Work, to those Strangers among us who import and sell

English Plate to the great Hurt and Prejudice of the Townsmen

who have been bred to the Business..."

Unlike most of his contemporaries, who left large estates containing many
tools and pieces of silver, Henchman's estate amounted to very little.
When the inventory was taken following his death in 1775, only a few tools
were found and no silver was located.