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Today's Hours
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Elrick, Stephen H.
Collection: American Collection
Specialty: Paintings
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The focus on abstract art during his college years nearly prevented
Stephen Elrick from pursuing a career in art. While attending Carleton
College in Minnesota, he took an art course during his sophomore year but,
bored by the lack of attention to detail and realism, received a C+ and
decided he had no future in art. After graduation, he joined the Peace
Corps instead and followed that experience with a stint on the staff of a
reform school just outside of Audubon, Pennsylvania. Deciding to continue
his education, he went to graduate school at the University of Chicago,
still not sure of what direction to take. A chance invitation by his
sister to create a bird sculpture for her finally led him into the field
of art, beginning with sculpture but soon moving into painting. His second
bird painting was accepted into the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's
annual juried competition, "Birds in Art" and his work has been included
four more times, as well as three other times for other wildlife
exhibitions there. Most recently, his work was chosen for the 2008
Kentucky Wildlife Art Exhibit.

Elrick specializes in using the extreme close-up to present a fresh look
at traditional subjects, as he does in the Norton's Child of the
. Elrick explained his approach:

"Child of the Forest" challenged my ability to show sorrow and
vulnerability on one hand . . . while at the same time showing the
pensiveness, bemusement and humor that I found in the orangutan . . .
Orangutans are rapidly losing their habitat in the Indonesian wilds, and I
tried to project a sadness reflective of this situation and to develop an
empathy between the viewer and the subject.

Everl Adair, Director of Research and Rare Collections