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Today's Hours
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Hinds, Will
Collection: American Collection
Specialties: Paintings, Prints
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Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, Will Hinds has dedicated his life to
preserving in art an awareness and appreciation for the southern Gulf
coast. After a successful career in the oil industry, he decided to devote
himself to fine art full-time in the late 1960s, creating realistically
detailed paintings of the landscapes and rural lifestyles to be found
along the southern coasts of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, and the
coast and bayou country of southern Louisiana. As he told journalist
Frances Love for the Lafayette Advertiser, "I want to be a
historian for my part of the country, and I aim to keep painting my
southern environment . . . I paint the serenity of the country and the
remnants of the old landmarks, tools, and farm equipment as they look

Unlike many contemporary artists, Hinds does not use photographs as part
of his preparation. Instead, he make sketches on location, adding careful
color notes, and then returns to his studio to paint the scene as
accurately as possible. Art critic T. Kent Vesper said of his work: "The
paintings of this Southern artist lead one to believe that a spirit of the
past guides his photographic brush. Each work captures what was there
before, the best of what has been . . . each stroke and mark gives to this
generation what is too often held captive in the `mind's eye' and lost
forever. Hinds has developed an intense realistic style that is both
intimate and natural."

Everl Adair, Director of Research and Rare Collections