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Today's Hours
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York, Judy
Collection: American Collection
Specialty: Paintings
In her more than thirty-year career, Judy York has divided her time
between fine art and book illustrations. After graduating from Queen's
College and receiving a M.A. from Wesleyan University, she studied at the
Pratt Institute in New York. Soon after, she worked for Chanticleer Press,
then procured a design contract from Ballantine Books that permitted her
the freedom to also produce fine art for the Husberg Fine Arts Gallery.

Though many consider her fine art work photorealism, including The Garden
Party, in the Norton's permanent collection, York herself insists that her
style would need to be even "tighter" and more precise to qualify as such.
The Garden Party was inspired by her love of 18th and 19th century
images in addition to her interest in the history of fashion. She
persuaded a group of artist friends to don early 19th century apparel for
a photo shoot at Old Westbury Gardens in Old Westbury, New York. Her
husband then took the photographs on which she based the painting. So
realistic is it that the National Arts Club of New York insisted on seeing
the actual canvas when the reproduction they were sent seemed too
photographic to have been painted.

In recent years, York has turned from traditional oil painting to computer
art. She was introduced to digital illustration in the early 1990s when
computer art programs were just emerging. Initially, she "thought the
computer would destroy the art world", but as she worked with the
applications, decided that digital media could produce interesting images
in a variety of styles. Now she creates virtually all of her extensive
book illustrations via computer, though she admits to moonlighting as an
oil painter.

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